Monday, March 06, 2006

America Files Chapter 11

So we've spent it all? It's only freakin March!!

Let's make those tax cuts permanent!

I grew up avowing myself a staunch Republican in a Democratic and Union household; because I believed in small government, personal responsibility, fiscal discipline, abortion was murder, and almost everything else the Republican Party CLAIMED to stand for. It turned out that abortion was the only belief we really had in common. Problem is I figured out that the government had little or no right telling women that once they conceived they were forced to deliver. Well that still left a whole bunch of stuff we agreed on right?

The real problem is... the Republican politicians don't believe in their own platform!

Look at it... the federal government has grown more under George Bush than during any presidency in the last 40 years, the Republicans all over Washington are being indicted so fast they hand out the indictments when they hand out the invitations to the next Republican fundraiser, the promise to bring integrity back to the White House would be laughable if not for the cost in lives, and they still cling to the old Republican mantras like it was some aged religion they really only play lip service to.

Now we're broke! What next?

TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOESN'T WORK! It looks great on paper... you give the wealthy a tax break and they'll spend it on investment thereby creating economic opportunity for many more people. Except they DON'T! They spend it on new yachts, cars for the kids, and vacations in Europe.

Please impeach this idiot before he does more damage to the country! Yeah.... really!!!!!

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