Saturday, July 15, 2006

The House Fights to End Poverty in DC

I am so relieved that the House Republicans have fought to approve the automatic increase in Congressional pay possibly at a rate even higher than expected. I was becoming increasingly concerned that our lawmakers would not be able to survive on a paltry $164,000 per year. Meanwhile, they have saved us yet again by managing to not raise the minimum wage and thrusting all of those minimum wage workers into higher tax brackets.

Yes it makes me feel better to know that we won't have to worry about minimum wage workers getting all snooty with that extra $2.00 per hour those crazy lawmakers were going to give them. Why if that happened they might actually find some discretionary income laying around, and you know they would just go out and buy drugs and booze with it.

Some crazy Democrat was even talking about fighting the passage of this bill until Congress heard arguments on the minimum wage bill. That's just crazy! Do you know what a latte costs in DC? It's not like they're going to find some lobbyist somewhere to pay for their latte's and trips home, or more likely to the Alps for skiing.

Yes it's nice to see that during a time when govenment spending has reached an all time high, the deficit is soaring out of control, were spending a billion dollars per week on war, and we've given all the tax money back to the taxpayers we aren't losing sight of our real priorities.

God bless our lawmakers and God bless America... No Really!