Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ya'll Kill Me

Okay, so I'm reading the news reports about the stimulus package, and I will admit I'm not a fan. I knew I wouldn't be a fan of the $800 billion anymore than I was a fan of the $700 billion that preceded it, or the $450 billion per year in deficit spending that happened during most of the eight Bush years.

But let's look at the difference. The previous $700 billion looks to me like it's nothing but corporate welfare. Who received the money? Well let's see... banks, huge financial firms, automaker execs, all of those normal Joe Sixpacks right? Sure... if it's six packs of Crown Royal.

Now let's look at where the $800 billion is targeted. We have a middle class tax cut, money for infrastructure upgrades, targeted job creation, etc... No wonder the Republicans are pissed... they don't get any of it!

I'm just gonna tell you that I most likely won't qualify for the tax cut, and I'm just fine with that. I am genuinely concerned that we have mortgaged our country's future, but why is it suddenly not okay with the Republicans when the previous Bush stimulus was?

I almost pulled a muscle from laughing so hard reading the reports of Republicans complaining about out of control spending... y'all kill me!

For the record... one more time... cause apparently you're blind, deaf, and dumb; or you've been hiding under a rock for the last eight years. REPUBLICANS... in 2000 we were running a $250 billion operating surplus... pause... SURPLUS. The party of fiscal responsibility turned that into a $450 billion dollar operating LOSS... pausing to let it sink in a sec... LOSS! Doing the fuzzy math that sounds like a $700 billion reversal.

Now before anyone decides to blame Congress... naw... go ahead... if you remember all three branches of the federal government were firmly under control of the Republicans for the first six years of the Bush administration, so please blame Congress. I'll wait.

People in glass houses constructed of spun sugar should not throw stones or anything else for that matter. The $5 trillion... wait... how about this... $5,000,000,000,000,000 (look at those zeroes) deficit we managed to accumulate since World War II (that's like 55 or 60 years) more than doubled ($12,000,000,000,000,000) in 8 years.

So here we are, not even one month after the inauguration, and the Republicans are asking why the economies not fixed yet? Why hasn't the new administration done more? I voted for Obama, but not even I thought he was that good!

So while I will admit to being a bit concerned about this $1.5 trillion in "stimulus" money, and I can't really figure out why every American tax payer is not receiving a $20,000.00 check... still... could the real Republican party please stand up?

Y'all kill me... no really... you do.