Friday, January 06, 2006

Why Term Limits?? Jack Abramoff!

Washington is run amok with corruption and people seem to be surprised. Money corrupts and there are PAC's throwing around so much money in Washington, that even the idealists are susceptible. The problem is it costs too much money to become a national politician, and once you're there you're a target for PAC's who pay for influence. For those who think there is no quid pro quo between PAC's and Washington politicians.... you're being naieve.

You want to fix it? Term limits for all elected positions at all levels of government period! Why you ask... moving target. When the PAC's don't know who to pay, and their influence is transient they become ineffective. Once they become ineffective they become obsolete. Also if there are term limits you get at least one good term out of each elected official, because you always have one term where they're not running for reelection.

Abramoff is the tip of a huge iceberg, and those scrambling to divest themselves of any vestige of ties with him are almost comical. I have much more respect for those that have stood up and said, "hey... I did nothing illegal and I'm keeping the money", than I do for those making a pretense of being philanthropic by giving money to charity that was never really theirs to give.

So Jack I know what others seem to not notice; you're not a bad guy, you're one of hundreds of bad guys. However, like Nixon, you made the mistake of getting caught.

Jack... burn them all! No... really!

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