Thursday, December 29, 2005

NSA - Wiretaps - And why we should care...

HHHHmmmm.... The NSA is conducting wiretaps.... even more than we were led to believe.... but it's okay boys and girls your civil rights are well protected. Look I've got them here in my back pocket. Right between my wallet and my ASS!

Well in all fairness it's not like we actually do much with our rights.... we don't vote, but we go to war so other countries can. We don't really want freedom of religion unless it's our religion because those heathen (insert hated other religion here) are all going to hell.

Has anyone actually read the constitution or doesn't it count anymore? It's pretty good reading actually. It's got this cool preamble, articles, amendments, Bill of Rights (those are the pesky things President Bush is allowing the NSA to trample on) and it was written by some pretty impressive dead guys. Another good one to check out is the Declaration of Independence... pretty cool intro on that one too.

So why should we care? We could drag out the old tired, "for those who died to protect them", or "innocent until proven guilty", or a long list of cliche arguments, but the real reason... you could be next. No... really!

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