Sunday, July 15, 2007

Democrats: Seeing the Forest

Everyone's heard the old saying, "you can't see the forest for the trees." It's already happening with the Democratic candidates for President.

Let's fast forward to a Clinton Democratic nod... Throwing the current mostly useless polls aside, what happens when a Hillary Clinton is running as THE Democratic Presidential candidate?

I've never seen anyone who can polarize people more than Hillary Clinton. Personally I like the idea of Hillary as President because all the scandals become about Bill's sex life again, and that makes for much better jokes than dead soldiers. Unfortunately I don't think even the most progressive of the right wing will consider her a viable candidate, so there goes 30% off the top. Assuming there is an opposite minded 30% out there (those that would aggressively support Hillary) that leaves 40% unaccounted for. The real question... what would they do?

Now let's talk about Obama... same story really 30% of the die hard rednecks would never vote for a black man (no matter how white he seems). Then there's that opposite 30%, and were back to the 40% unknown. I really have a hard time with Obama because I can't decide if his naivete makes him a better or worse candidate.

So I'm left with only one conclusion... they need to both drop out for the good of the party and country, and throw their combined impressive political clout behind Edwards... yep... really.

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