Sunday, October 08, 2006

ScandalGate 2006

Republican scandals are so out of control I can't remember them all, so I thought I would see if someone had maybe compiled a list, well it turns out someone did just that in January 2005. The link below is to the original list published by Peter Dizikes where he details each one, so I thought I would add the news scandals to his list using his original format.

1. Memogate: The Senate Computer Theft
2. Doctor Detroit: The DOJ's Bungled Terrorism Case
3. Dark Matter: The Energy Task Force
4. The Indian Gaming Scandal
5. Halliburton's No-Bid Bonanza
6. Halliburton: Pumping Up Prices
7. Halliburton's Vanishing Iraq Money - Iraq Overcharging Scandal
8. The Halliburton Bribe-apalooza
9. Halliburton: One Fine Company
10. Halliburton's Iran End Run
11. Money Order: Afghanistan's Missing $700 Million Turns Up in Iraq
12. Iraq: More Loose Change
13. The Pentagon-Israel Spy Case
14. Gone to Taiwan
15. Wiretapping the United Nations
16. The Boeing Boondoggle
17. The Medicare Bribe Scandal
18. Tom DeLay's PAC Problems
19. Tom DeLay's FAA: Following Americans Anywhere
20. In the Rough: Tom DeLay's Golf Fundraiser
21. Busy, Busy, Busy in New Hampshire - Phone Based Voting Scandal
22. The Medicare Money Scandal
23. The Bogus Medicare "Video News Release"
24. Pundits on the Payroll: The Armstrong Williams Case
25. Ground Zero's Unsafe Air
26. John Ashcroft's Illegal Campaign Contributions
27. Intel Inside ... The White House
28. Duck! Antonin Scalia's Legal Conflicts
29. AWOL - George Bush Unfulfilled National Guard Duty
30. Iraq: The Case for War - Falsified Intelligence Data
31. Niger Forgeries: Whodunit?
32. In Plame Sight - CIA Agent Valarie Plame Outed by Administration
33. Abu Ghraib
34. Guantánamo Bay Torture?

And the Latest

35. Illegal NSA Wiretapping
36. Defeat of Minimum Wage While Okaying Congressional Raise
37. Bill Frist Accused of Multimillion Dollar HCA Insider Stock Deal
38. Mark Foley Underage Sex With Congressional Pages
38. Latino Voter Intimidation Scandal in California

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